I got nine lives (dramaphile) wrote in harry_potthead,
I got nine lives

FIC: Don't Exhale, Sirius/Bellatrix, R

[Title] Don't Exhale
[Author] dramaphile
[Rated] Hard R
[Pairing] Sirius/Bellatrix
[Length] ~ 700 words
[Warnings] Drug use, Chan (Sirius is 14), Incest, Frottage
[Disclaimer] I don't get paid, I don't have permission, and I know nothing about the body in the trunk of my Uncle Ronald's Buick.
[Summary] Bellatrix is a bad influence.
[Notes] Originally a drabble for queerditch_pub that was interrupted by RL and then went a bit out of control. The prompt was "Sirius/Bellatrix, Shotgunning." I think this is the first het I've written that has no slashy undertones whatsoever, which amuses me somehow. Thanks to yamapea for the beta, because she is teh secks.

(Bella closes her lips around the joint and inhales deeply, then sits back, thick dark curls falling loosely into her eyes)
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