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Are you amused by stories in which Neville puts his Herbology skills to good use? Do you think that all Voldemort needs is a few good hits? Is Remus Lupin your gay uncle on smack? Dying to see Hermione lose her inhibitions? Is smutty fanfiction not your only vice?

harry_potthead may be the place for you.

harry_potthead is the place for all your stoner!fic needs. Membership is open, feel free to post fics, recs, art, discussion questions, whatever. In order to be appropriate for this community, substance abuse must play a significant part in the story. Alcohol only counts if drunkenness is a major part of the story. Gryffindor House holds a crazy kegger- great. Lucius and Narcissa drink a bottle of fancy wine- not so much. Booze, pot, cocaine, speed, uppers, downers, heroin, pot, weed, marijuana-- all good. So are magical drugs of your own creation, as long as they act more like intoxicating substances than medical drugs or magical potions.

Het, slash, gen, squicks, kinks, threesomes, angst, fluff, etc etc. Anything goes. Just be sure to warn.

No netspeak, please. It is teh sux0rs.

No flames. Yes, we like fanfiction. Yes, we like to read about Harry Potter characters on drugs. Got a problem? Go elsewhere or we shall hit you with our mod thwakc!sticks.

Please follow the following format for fic and art posts:
Subject line: FIC, title, rating
Pairings (if applicable and not a plot-spoiler):
Warnings (if applicable):
Author's Notes:

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Subject line: ART, title, subject matter

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The characters and settings of Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling and her publishers and agents. For entertainment purposes only, no profit or infringement intended.
NC17 stories and art are meant for those over the age of majority in their region only. All potentially objectionable material is asked to be warned and cut-tagged. We ask that you not read material which you are prohibited from by law.
harry_potthead does not condone or encourage substance abuse or the use of illegal drugs.

Questions, comments, suggestions?
Contact the owner or one of the moderators.

Lastly, have fun. That's what we're here for.

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